strengthen relations with North Korea, which is obviously against the United States in order to shift the focus to the Asia strategy. CNS Astana March 3 Xinhua news: Russian police detained members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexei Gangcha Klitschko left Moscow after being released on the 2nd local time, Putin said after his release the common enemy of the people of Ukraine and Russia."Gangcha Klitschko has been released today, fly back from Moscow to Kiev," lawyer commissioned by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Klitschko to defend Gangcha Marco Fagin the 2nd to the media declared. He also said, "Gangcha Klitschko did Russia claims the police."According to Russian media reports, Gangcha Klitschko when they leave the police station, Russian police detained goods will be returned to him when him, including money, mobile phones and laptops. But Klitschko did Gangcha for money and other items were counted, only   nike air flyknit max sale that something is his.Gangcha Klitschko after leaving Moscow in an interview that he in Russia, the Russian people do not see Ukraine's enemies, but saw in the Russian authorities and President Putin. "Putin is the common enemy of the people of Ukraine and Russia. He not only bloodshed in our country, still in his own country bloodshed."Gangcha Klitschko is to participate

on the Russian political activist Nemtsov's memorial in Moscow on the 1st was arrested by the Russian police. About Nemtsov's death, he said, nearly 100 meters away from the Kremlin where Nemtsov kill "is to let some people - is probably the people who live there - happy."Russian presidential spokesman Peskov said earlier on December 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the murder of Boris Nemtsov, said the matter could be "contract killings." Peskov also said that Putin Nemtsov killed condolences and has ordered an investigation into the matt  nike air presto 4 uker.According to reports, the Kremlin, Putin's website published a telegram from his mother caused Nemtsov, said it would make every possible effort to organize and commit this "despicable" murder of justice.Klitschko is a child of Ukraine Odessa Gangcha Ichihara Executive, the Department of the Ukrainian presidential supporters now Poroshenko's. Russian police suspected him of Odessa bloodshed May 2, 2014 relating to.May 2, 2014, the Ukrainian pro-Russian protesters clash with protesters in support of the Ukrainian authorities take place in Odessa, someone set fire during the conflict Odessa union building, dozens of pro-Russian protesters were killed in the fire. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs data, 46 people were killed

as of now, the drafting group has been divided six batches of the remaining recommendations sent to the State Council leaders and relevant departments.Chinese Government Network data provided to the newspaper, the number of Internet users made comments, the top five are decentralization, anti-corruption, education, equity, social security and administrative law. In addition, the theme of income distribution, environmental protection, "farming", health care reform, also popular attention.Specifically, the suggestions of users will focus some aspects. For example, in social security, users are more concerned about the problems in the country's social security transfers, improve the pension service system, strengthen the protection of special populations, increase security, and other rare diseases. In terms of decentralization, that someone proposed to strengthen the implementation of online office to enhance transparency. In decentralization, while there are users of the recommendations to strengthen supervision, while em nike air max 2014 onllinephasizing grassroots training of staff to ensure that catch, take a good decentralization.Do not "tall" preference vernacularHow enthusiastic users  The staff, even though the Spring Festival holiday, the enthusiasm of users is also high, many users still writing suggestions New Year's Eve day. To stand out in the mass message, natural to spend a lot of effort.Staff said that before users must first be familiar with recent suggestions measure various aspects of government policy, it is necessary to look at this year's government work report, if your opinion has been written previously reported or the