was in the National Archives 13 years of working life, "never met senior officials of the executive agencies only deal with individual cases mailbox government."It was reported that Hillary Clinton was discovered using a personal mailbox, because the House committee investigating the US consulate in Benghazi attacked the case, you need the relevant e-mail communication between Hillary Clinton and his aides are. Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton, to the Committee on the Benghazi assault about 300 e-mail, the cumulative total of about 900 submitted. These data are Hillary Clinton's aide found in his personal mailbox.Hillary Clinton spokesman declined to explain in detail why the decision to use personal accounts to carry out administrative activities of the State Council. Experts said that logically should only be used only in case of emergency personal e-mail accounts, such as a computer server does not work when agencies.Altho   nike air max 1mensugh Hillary Clinton has never said it would participate in the 2016 US presidential election. But Hillary Clinton has been the most vocal in the Democratic Party presidential candidate, but also a number of recent polls, support for the highest rate of potential presidential candidates. Thus, it is seen as the biggest competitor 2016 Republican presidential campaign.It was reported

that former US first lady, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is likely in April this year, announced his candidacy for the 2016 US presidential election, widely expected sooner than open war presidential electionIt is understood that after the accident, Henan Provincial Party Secretary Guo Gengmao governor Xie given instructions to immediately do the rescue and rehabilitation work. By the provincial government commission, Wang Xiaohong, deputy governor of the emergency rate of relevant departments rushed to the scene, carefully inspected the road accidents rnike air max 1uk  oad traffic conditions, detailed listened Anyang City and the state forest municipal government to report on the disposition of the accident, and to the hospital to visit the injured and guide the rescue scene, accident investigation, rehabilitation work, requiring Anyang, the state forest municipal government to focus on the best medical personnel and equipment to rescue the wounded, to identify the cause of the accident quickly, deal with the aftermath disposal work, conscientiously carry out road safety hazard investigation and remediation actions, good news and propaganda guidance. Ding Wei, party secretary Anyang Anyang municipal requirements relevant departments to actively assist the state forest municipal government to quickly

rescue the wounded, a comprehensive accident investigation and do rehabilitation work, and immediately issued a notice to carry out road traffic safety special rectification in the city, held a special meeting make arrangements for a comprehensive investigation and remediation of road traffic safety problems, and resolutely prevent similar accidents.After preliminary investigation, the car core set of 35 people, in fact, contained 33 people, traveling to provincial S226K45 700, due to excessive speed, improper driver operation, severing the right side of the highway fence, turn down the hillside. Currently, 13 injured, three were in the intensive care unit aid, vital signs were stable, and the rest mostly fractures, abrasion, are no danger.According to the Bureau of Zhengzhou City, the new  nike air max 90 mensSMG confirmed, vehicles and personnel of the accident has nothing to do with the hospital in Zhengzhou City, Henan, "Zhengzhou City, Henan Opera Group" Xingyang, Zhengzhou, a real amateur theater named after himself. The troupe performing groups are private organizations, there is no record registration, without going through the show card. This is a village to Linzhou commercial performance. The organization is now performing groups of people, the owners, drivers and other responsible person has been controlled public security organs.Currently, the cause of the accident is under further investigation, the accident rehabilitation work is in order.Massive User